Books to Read

Even though more and more information can be found on the internet for free these days, I firmly believe  (as the above photo of a section of my bookcase containing books on Maluku and Papua might attest) that much of the best and most detailed information, be it on travel, culture or history, is still printed on paper. Getting some good books to read up on your planned destination can make your experience a lot more interesting: all those places you see will be filled with the history behind them,  you will know what makes the culture of the people you meet unique, what kind of elusive wildlife to keep an eye out for, and of course, guidebooks will provide you with some ever-changing practical details that you are unlikely to find as neatly compiled elsewhere.

There are plenty of good books to choose from, and I have long put together thematic lists of recommended reading on Amazon. Instead of repeating it here, I suggest you consult those lists matching your interest:


Guidebooks to Indonesia

Fauna & Ecology of Indonesia

Tribal Art of Indonesia

History & Politics of Indonesia


Selected Books About Maluku

History of Maluku

Peoples & Culture of Maluku

Fauna & Ecology of Maluku


Travel in Papua

History & Politics of Papua

Peoples & Culture of Papua

Fauna & Ecology of Papua

Missionaries in Papua