Indonesia Travel Information - Safety & Warnings

Indonesia: Safety & Warnings


Malaria is prevalent in most parts of Indonesia outside Bali and the cities of Java.
Do take precautions.

In most of Indonesia theft is very rare, and in rural areas almost unheard of.
The situation is different in big cities, particularly on Java, where pickpockets are not uncommon. Take care on public transport in particular - this also includes long-distance bus rides on Java.
Besides big cities, touristy areas like beach resorts attract thieves.
With a combination of both factors, Yogyakarta is probably the very worst place for theft in Indonesia, closely followed by Batam.

This is a common problem on Java and in touristy regions throughout the country.
However with prices very low by international standards, many visitors don't even notice it.
The answer is enquiring about prices from a neutral source before buying something or taking a service, and if necessary, bargaining hard.
Note however that in much of Indonesia (away from tourist spots) overcharging is very rare and trying to knock a fair price down aggressively would be rude.
Political Strife and Terrorism

These threats are rather overblown by the sensation-happy media.
The overwhelming majority of visitors experience none of the above unless on TV, and feel safer in Indonesia than in the USA.
Regions effected by political/internal conflict were always few and isolated.
Most of the much-publicized trouble spots of the past decade (West Timor, West and Central Kalimantan, Maluku, Papua, Aceh) have in fact been peaceful for years now, with the only remaining area that is of security concern being around Poso (Central Sulawesi).