Papua Travel Information - Safety & Warnings

Papua: Safety & Warnings

The lowlands of Papua are one of the most malarial areas of the World. While the malaria danger in the highlands is much lower, if you plan to explore the island in depth, you would do well taking precautions.
Note that chloroquine-resistant strains of malaria are common, therefore strong drugs like Lariam or Malarone are required.
Poisonous Snakes

Papua has the largest number of poisonous snake species in Indonesia, and though they are not commonly seen, hikers in the lowland areas may cross paths with some.
None go out of their way to bite, but be careful not to step on any! ;-)

Demonstrations to demand independence for Papua do occur occasionally, even in major cities and towns. While the Papuans will only be happy to see Westerners witnessing these and taking photos like this one, the Indonesian police may well take a much dimmer view. Note that if you are taken for a journalist you might be arrested, and be aware that violence between Papuans and Indonesian security forces often follows such demonstrations!

In the major cities of Jayapura, Sorong and Timika in particular, you may well encounter drunken Papuan youth demanding money after dark. They won't mug you but can be quite persistent with their demands!
Try to avoid such situations by not roaming the streets at night.