Papua Travel Information - Fam & Penemu

Fam & Penemu: Fishing Villages & Rock Islands
To the west of Mansuar, the next major group of islands is the Fam Islands, which is as far west as most cruises will go in Raja Ampat. Actually, most will only visit this little archipelago's most scenic northernmost part, elongated, uninhabited Penemu and the surrounding rock islands. The flattish, partly inhabited islands to the south, including Fam itself, are rarely visited.
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Main Attractions


Long, hilly, and uninhabited Penemu is home to another of Raja Ampat's scenic wonders, called "Hidden Bay", like the one on Gam. The entrance of this bay can be easy to miss too, but once inside, this is smaller, yet packs in a good amount of beauty with rugged cliffs and pretty rock islets all the same. North of Hidden Bay, Penemu's steep cliffs are punctuated with some very pretty, unspoilt beaches offering good snorkeling possibilities.

East of Penemu

The cluster of small rock islands just east of southern Penemu are a popular place for yachts to spend a night. They are also home to good diving and snorkeling spots.

Melissa's Garden

Still a bit further out east, two small rocks rising out of the sea mark the location of yet another great dive spots named Melissa's Garden. Snorkelers can also appreciate a good deal of it, though the sea can be a bit choppy here.

Off the Beaten Track


Few tourists ever stop at the inhabited island of Fam, which gave its name to this whole island group. It's home to a fairly large fishing village and is surrounded by sandy beaches.

Getting There and Around

By Sea

While uninhabited Penemu is a popular stop for cruises, and well worth including in any charter too, public transport is limited to the odd Perintis ship stopping at Fam, from where you could no doubt charter a local boat for a daytrip to Penemu.

There's no accommodation anywhere in the islands. You could probably arrange to stay in the villages around Fam, or camp on Penemu's beaches though.