Papua Travel Information - Kofiau & Boo

Kofiau & Boo: Raja Ampat's Western Frontier
Way off the beaten track, on the western fringes of Raja Ampat, Kofiau is definitely the least visited major island in the region. It has been ignored for so long that several new species of birds were discovered on the island just in the last decade or so. Even cruise ships largely ignore Kofiau, and the almost uninhabited, small Boo Islands further west are even more obscure. If you ever wanted to go where few others have been, here is your ticket! ;-)
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Main Attractions


Though hilly and well-forested, Kofiau is not a particularly scenic island by Raja Ampat standards. It's most likely to appeal to those keen to explore its little-known fauna. Culturally, it's worth noting that the Biakese haven't reached this far, so this one island of Raja Ampat still peopled by its native population, who do show signs of having mixed with people from neighbouring North Maluku though. Interestingly, the three original villages of Kofiau are all located on smaller islands just off the coast, rather than on Kofiau proper, where new villages have only recently been developed.

The Lake

The only "tourist attraction" I could discover on Kofiau itself is the inland lake opposite Deer village. Reaching it is a good excuse for a short hike through gardens and forest.

Walo Islands

Southwest of Kofiau proper, there is a group of flat, sandy islands including Walo, which has a couple of recognized dive spots. There must be more - this is an area to go exploring.

Off the Beaten Track

Boo Islands

Scattered between already very remote Kofiau and the southernmost tip of North Maluku's Halmahera Island, the numerous small islands that make up the Boo archipelago are only seasonally inhabited by fishermen from both Kofiau and Maluku. Sadly, their remoteness from watchful eyes has allowed dynamite fishing to go on uncontrolled here, so the reefs are not as pristine as one might hope. Over the water, the little islands here, typically surrounded by white sand beaches, are the blueprint for paradise. I guess you could be the only tourist to set foot, or even just eyes on them in the whole year... or longer.


Diving, Snorkelling & Birdwatching

Deer village in Kofiau is supposed to have some great muck diving, while Walo has some good coral reefs. There's also good coral in the Boo Islands, though sadly much of it has been damaged by dynamite fishing. Birders keen to see Kofiau's endemics could ask around Deer village to find a guide - speaking Indonesian only, of course!

Getting There and Around

By Sea

A single Perintis ship visits Kofiau occasionally, and village boats also go to Sorong every now and then. Cruises only call at these islands very infrequently, too. Chartering all the way out here would probably be very expensive.

Of course, there is no tourist accommodation out here. On Kofiau you can stay in the villages, while on the other islands you could camp, having entire little pieces of paradise for yourself!