Maluku Travel Information - Accommodation

Maluku: Accommodation
Hotels: Don't Expect Too Much!

With a few exceptions on the relatively popular Bandas, the Keis and Saparua, hotels in Maluku tend to cater mostly for Indonesians and are of local style.
Still, good hotels also exist in the 2 provincial capitals, Ambon and Ternate, and those in a few other largish towns also boost air-con.
But elsewhere you may be lucky to find anything at all - most of the more remote islands have no organized places to stay!
Staying in Villages

On islands without formal accommodation it is possible to arrange a stay in a local home. Obviously, this is only really an option if you speak at least some Indonesian and are familiar enough with the local culture not to become a head-ache for your hosts.
While staying in a native village on a tropical island may sound idyllic, in reality it means having zero privacy, minimal or non-existant sanitary facilities, basic food, and often no electricity, plus perhaps bedbugs and rats as room-mates! :-)
If all this doesn't put you off, ask the kepala desa about a place to stay.
And while people are unlikely to ask directly, always give some money for your keep! Don't ask bluntly "How much do I owe you?", but give an appropriate amount, say $5/person/day in local currency, discretely to the woman of the house, saying it is a contribution for the kitchen expenses.