Maluku Travel Information - Kur & Kaimeer

Kur & Kaimeer: On The Border with Central Maluku


The islands of Kur and Kaimeer, further west from the Tayandos and the last islands before entering the Central Maluku region at the Watubelas, are culturally quite different from the neighbouring Tayando and Kei Islands. The people here are all Muslims, and speak a different language shared with the people of Teor in the Watubelas. Kur itself is a beautiful, hilly island with fine, white sand beaches and numerous villages, while more remote Kaimeer is perhaps less inviting.
Off the Track Getting There Accommodation
Off the Beaten Track


Shaped curiously like a layered birthday cake from a distance, Kaimeer is a rocky, comparatively arid island noted for its periodical water shortages and rough inhabitants. They mostly live off fishing. Turtles still nest on a nearby smaller island.

Getting There and Around

Kur can now be reached weekly by the Koromolin ferry from Tual. Less regularly, the Haar Indah boat also serves it from Tual. To get to Kaimeer, you need to either hitch a ride with locals heading there from Kur, or charter.

Kur itself has roads connecting its villages, and ojeks that can transport passengers along them.

Neither island has any formal accommodation.