Maluku Travel Information - Mare

Mare: The Pottery Island of North Maluku

Mare is a small and barren island just south of Tidore. Because the island is not exactly ideal for farming, the two ethnically Tidorese villages here have made pottery-making their major source of livelihood.
Every household seems to be involved in the craft, and Mare pottery is sold throughout North Maluku.
Even apart from the pottery, Mare is worth visiting. The people are extremely friendly, and the villages some of the most quaint you will find in this area.
The North Maluku Tourism Office also tries to promote the beaches and coral reefs of the island, but I had little time for (and interest in) checking these out.

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Main Attractions
Seeing pottery being made

Well, this is what Mare is famous for, so this was the reason I went there.
I wasn't disappointed for sure!
First I thought I would have to ask around to find the craftswomen, but they were everywhere!
Just about every family seems to be involved in this work.
The actual potters are all women though!
More pottery being made

The fact that potters were everywhere made it easy to see various stages of the work, and seeing different things being made.
The women were very friendly everywhere, and didn't object to being photographed.
Note that while this is a Muslim island, you would never know from the way women are dressed.
Kids accompanied me everywhere and tried to get into all my photos.
Pottery on the beach

The finished product is laid out to the sun for drying.
Again, the kids just HAD to be in the picture! :-)

The pottery of Mare is the most readily available handicraft of North Maluku, and there is no better place to buy it than from the potters themselves.
Note that it is very fragile, so you will have to take good care of it during the rest of your trip.
Clay ovens used for baking sago cakes are great things whose function will mystify everyone back home! :-)
Getting There and Around
By Sea

Boats usually travel between Mare and Tomolo village on the southern coast of Tidore only once or twice a day.
However if you show up at the jetty in Tomolo, you can charter a boat for a day-trip.

There is no commercial accommodation on Mare, but the island is an easy day-trip from Tidore or even Ternate.