Maluku Travel Information - Haruku

Haruku: The Overlooked Island of Lease

Haruku is the closest island to Ambon in the Lease group. Despite this, it receives far fewer visitors than Saparua further east, largely due to the lack of commercial accommodation. However, it certainly has enough attractions to justify a day-trip at the very least - these include several old forts, fine beaches, and a hilly interior. And since much of the population is Muslim, the native language, lost in majority Christian areas, is still widely used/heard here, giving a distinctively exotic flavour to a visit to this island.

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Main Attractions


The island's main town has a (very) small fort ruin - Haruku's main historical sight. This fort was built by the Dutch in 1656.

Iyanaen Beach

This gorgeous beach is towards Hulaliu village at the eastern end of Haruku's single road. It's one of the finest in the entire Lease group.

Getting There

By sea

The most common way of getting to Haruku is by speedboat from Tulehu in Ambon. There are also speedboats between Pelau and the neighbouring coast of Seram. Large, slow passenger-car ferries also stop here between Tulahu and Saparua and Seram about three times weekly.

By road

Most villages on Pelau are connected by a decent road. Public transport is limited to a few bemos, so if you are in a hurry, hiring an ojek is necessary. Be sure to bargain if you do the latter! I didn't and regretted.



There is no commercial accomodation in Haruku, though visitors
can arrange a stay with locals if necessary.


Very limited!

There is a simple local warung in Pelau, the island's capital. Some food can also be had at the daily market in Pelau.